Christmas is coming!

The Bus Pass Christmas Party is a cracker of a show packed full of fun and seasonal cheer – oh yes it is! Let’s rock around the Christmas Tree, dance with Frosty the Snowman and catch Mummy kissing Santa Claus.
We produce a new themed Christmas show every year.


The Queen’s Jubilee.
We celebrate Her Majesty’s 70 years on the throne, travelling through every decade of her life, with a taste of the entertainment from each era and a lot of fun thrown in!

Party Cruise

Welcome aboard SS.Bus Pass to Broadway as we sail around the world in sixty minutes! Do a Can Can in Gay Paree,  enjoy some Amore in Italy, but please don’t get the hump as we ride the camels in Egypt.

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Join the Circus

Let’s run away with the Circus and “Be a Clown”. Meet Nellie the elephant and “Give ’em the old Razzle Dazzle”

Caribbean Party

It’s Caribbean Party time! Fly to an Island In The Sun and meet Cuban Pete while dancing at the Copacabana to Sean and his steel pan.

Happy and Glorious

The Queen’s Birthday bash.
We celebrate Her Majesty from her birth in 1926 up to the present day, travelling through every decade of her life, with a taste of the entertainment from each era and a lot of fun thrown in!

Roaring Twenties

What made the Twenties roar? Find out as you Charleston with our flappers, meet Al Capone and dance the Black Bottom. With bobbed haircuts and shorter hemlines our Gangsters and Molls find out that ‘Anything Goes!’
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Rock around the clock

Travel back to the 1950’s with our dreamboats and petticoats, move on to the 60’s with The Fab Four and end up as a ‘Dancing Queen’ from the 70’s and take a trip with Greased Lightning!


Roll out the Barrel

Celebrate VE DAY in style as we visit the streets of London in 1945. Enjoy a wartime sing along with Gracie Fields and wave your flags with Yankee Doodle.

Pack up Your Troubles!

We take you back 100 years with a tribute to the First World War. Sing along with our soldiers as they march a long, long way to Tipperary and learn to drill with our char ladies.

Best of British!

Enjoy a ‘Cockney knees up’ with our pearly Kings and Queens, sing along to a war time medley and get your hats ready as we go to Ascot with ‘My Fair Lady’.

Hooray for Hollywood!

Visit the Golden Age of the Hollywood musical as we tap dance down 42nd Street and go Singing in the Rain, meeting Carmen Miranda and Shirley Temple along the way!